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Why should we come to Jesus? Part 2


To continue on with our topic from a few weeks ago of ‘Why should we come to Jesus?’, let’s continue to look at the word of God for support. Just like we mentioned a few weeks ago, Jesus sacrifice His life in order for us human beings to be saved. If you missed the last blog post, you can read it Here. We learned that Jesus came because the world was lost. And God did not want the world to perish, so God sent His one and Only Son to save the world. Just like John 3:16 said God loved us so much that’s why he sent His Son to save us. And everyone who believes in Jesus will be saved and have eternal life. That sounds great and lovely but there’s a major issue. The issue we are still facing now is that a lot of people do not know Jesus. Some people never even heard of Jesus, and some just refuses to believe in Jesus.

Well, what can be done about this issue. It’s left to us, the believers of Christ to minister, teach and preach about Jesus to ALL everywhere we go. Just like Jesus commanded us to do in Matthew 28:19. We need to go to all nations to preach the word of God. In Mark 16:15, Jesus also commanded us to preach to ALL creation. And we need to do just that. In a later blog post, we’ll go in depth about this topic. But for now, us the believers of Jesus need to minister to those who never heard of Jesus. We need to teach to those who don’t know Jesus. And we need to preach to those who refuses to believe in Jesus. It is in fact a very difficult assignment but it can be done because Jesus Himself is always with us.

We need to help them discover the grace and power of Jesus. So they can know that it’s NOT all a myth. That it is in fact true and real. So they can come to Jesus and accept the call of God. If it is sad for some of us to see all of these people lost in this world. Just imagine how God feels, He is the one who sent His one and only Son on earth to live in human body just to show us that He cares for us. And He took it even further by sacrificing His one and only Son so we can be saved. Now I don’t know what you call that but I call it the greatest love that will ever be. And God is offering this greatest love free to ALL. He is offering His grace, mercy, power, greatness and so much more great things all for free.

Come to Jesus today, He will give you eternal life. Who has anything better to offer us than eternal life in this world. Everything in this world is temporary. Today you might be making 6 figures, tomorrow you might be unemployed. You might be married today and tomorrow your partner might leave you. Look at the people around the world now, who has suffered from natural disasters. A lot of them had a house, cars and other essentials. But now, all of their stuff are gone at the blink of an eye and they are left with nothing. And the worst of all, you can be alive today and dead tomorrow. Please understand that everything this world offers is not guaranteed.

That’s why Jesus offers us His grace and mercy because He knows that His word is the only truth and guarantee there is. So come to Jesus today, He will love you, care for you and provide for you like nobody else or nothing else has before or ever will. So come to Jesus TODAY so you can live the life you were created to live.

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