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What is the image of God?


The image of God is first and foremost love. This earth was created out of love. Forget the lies the world is trying to feed us. The universe and the earth was not created from a “big bang.” The world is suggesting that a big explosion happened and boom the universe and the earth was formed. If that was the case then the mountains, the clouds, the ocean, the wind, people etc, how did they become to be? And of course, there’s no clear concrete explanation or proof. Once again, there are too many unanswered questions and unproven theories for anyone not to believe in someone higher than human beings.

And that someone is God. He is so much higher than we humans that He created us. And He created us out of love. He love us so much that He created us from His own image. If we look in the book called “Bible”, in the very first book called “Genesis”, in chapter 1 verse 26-27, then we’ll find how God created man. We’ll also find how God created the universe in that same chapter starting from verse 1. God love us so much that He created us from His own image. You might ask yourself, what is the image of God? Since He does not have a physical body.

The image of God is love, care, peace, patience, forgiveness, strength, kindness, compassion, holiness, faith, humility and everything else that’s good. And since we were created from the image of God, we have to look like Him. In our everyday lives, we have to display the image of God which is within us. It may seem like a lot, but it wont be if we stay close to God at all times. How do we stay close to God? We can stay close to God by praying to Him, worshiping Him, praising Him, serving Him, reading his word from the book called “Bible” and by fellowship with other believers. Pretty much, we need to have an authentic relationship with God to stay close to Him.

So, let’s start living and displaying the image of God that He so graciously created us from. Let’s show each other love, which is the most important quality of God. Throughout the Bible, we’ll find that God mentions that without love we are nothing. Let’s be compassionate, humble, caring, kind and patient toward each other. Let’s forgive each other, another important quality of God. Throughout the Bible, God mentions that if we can’t forgive each other then how can we expect to get forgiveness from Him. Let’s have peace within ourselves and spread peace throughout the world. Let’s be strong so we can face everything that this life throws at us. And let’s be holy and have faith because without them we can not see the glory of God.


P.S: Don’t forget to get the book called “Bible.” There are three different versions I recommend. Click the link below to get either one.

King James Bible 

New American Standard Bible

New International Bible













































2 thoughts on “What is the image of God?”

  1. Truth at its finest! I don’t think people realize just what tht means: being created in God’s image! It simply means being like God in every way, having his same characteristics. And we should strive to actually walk in tht image He created us in, instead of walking in the flesh!….Awesome post my friend!

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