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What is our true purpose on earth?


Ever wonder why we were created?, or simply why are we here on this earth? Are we just here to live in this systematic world? Getting an education, a career, a car, a husband/wife, a house, children etc, is that our purpose on this earth? Why else are we here on this earth? Is that it for us? Yes! an education, a career, a family etc are all great but they can also get boring. Or we can simply loose interest in them over time. We as human beings, our interest level fluctuates constantly. One day, we’re in love with our career, husband, children etc, and the next day we’re feeling blah about them.

It’s not that we love them any less but we have given our all to them, and now our fire has burned out. So the question is, how do we keep our interest alive?  Well, let me share a secret with you. Once we find our true purpose as a human being, then we can really start enjoying life with all that it comes with, good and bad. Once we know why we were created, then we’ll really be interested in our life. Other than that, we will eventually get bored with life. And some of us will continue being bored and uninterested with life. So, what is our true purpose on this earth? Why were we created?

Our true purpose on earth is to serve God. We were created to serve and glorify God. Everything that we are and do need to bring glory to God. Forget the lies this world is trying to feed us, we were not created for our selfish desires. We live in this “everything is about me” world, ‘my education, my career, my family etc.’ Well, it’s time that it stops. It’s time that we re-route our focus on the creator, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. How do we do that? First, we got to believe in Him. We have to believe that there’s someone much greater than us, and that someone is Jesus. Then, we have to trust Him with our entire life, all of it, not half or a portion of it. We have to trust that He knows our beginning and end.

Then, we get into serving Him. We have to serve God with our entire being. And the beautiful thing about it is, we don’t have to be anyone or anything in particular to serve God. We just have to believe and trust Him in order to serve Him. Once we understand/follow this concept, then our life will be meaningful, purposeful and interesting. Then we will strive to glorify God in everything that we are and do. Whether we’re a doctor or a garbage man, we will make sure that it glorifies God. So, let’s focus on our true purpose on this earth which is to serve God, so that our life can have true meaning, purpose and interest.

 P.S: Don’t forget to get a bible so you can learn about our creator, God. There’s different versions you can get. I listed three different versions below, check them out. 

 King James Bible

New American Standard Bible

New International Bible

3 thoughts on “What is our true purpose on earth?”

  1. Most of us know these things are true, but in this fast paced and distracting world, it’s getting harder to stay focused or remain cognizant that the things of GOD should be in our minds at all times. The enemy knows very well that if he can keep us distracted, that we do tend to forget our purpose, and stay focused on that purpose. Just saying.


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