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Who is God? Is God Real?


A lot of us wonder who God is, non-Christians and Christians included. For Christians, lots of time we wonder if what we’ve learned about God is true. We wonder if He did create the earth, and if He is in control of all. We wonder if our experiences are real, if it’s not all in our head and if it’s not just coincidences. We wonder if we are in fact crazy, and delusional like the non-believers say we are. We wonder if He is watching over us, if He does hear us and if He’s going to answer us. We go through our Christian life wondering if God is real, questioning our life experiences and not knowing who God really is.

For non-Christians, lots of them research and investigate about God more than Christians. Some of them even disguise themselves as church members and leaders. They read the entire book called “Bible” over and over again, looking for proof of God. They’re at every church service and events, participating but really investigating God. They’re always searching and looking to prove God wrong. They need an answer for everything. They pray to God really just to test His existence. All of their non-Christian life consists of investigating, researching and trying to find out who God is.

Christians and non-Christians, God is real! He is the creator of all. He created people, animals, plants and everything on earth. Don’t believe the lies the world is trying to feed you about our existence. Everyone and everything was created by God. If you don’t believe me, look up at the sky and tell me what you see. The clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, people and so much more; can you give a clear explanation with proof of their existence? Can you get close to the sun to investigate it and to find out how it was created? Can you reach the sky? Can you even touch the clouds? There are too many unanswered questions for anyone not to believe in God. You can spend your entire life, money and resource investigating; you will never find proof about the existence of these things.

What you can do is believe in God, trust God, serve God and obey Him. And little by little you’ll find out how the earth became to be. You’ll find out that God is love, and because of His love for us this earth was created and is still here. You’ll find out that God is peace. Because of his peace that is over our lives, we are able to stand strong and go through any circumstance in life. You’ll find out that God is patient, because of his patience toward us, we get unlimited chances to try again no matter how bad we are and how bad we messed up. You’ll find out that God is great. Throughout your life He’ll show you his power. He’ll do some things that no man can. He’ll go above and beyond for you. And you’ll find out so much more other wonderful things about God. But you have to experience God for yourself or nothing that anyone tell you about Him will make sense. In the book called “Bible”, there’s a book called “Psalm” and in chapter 34 verse 8 it states; “Taste and see that the Lord is good. How happy is the man who takes refuge in Him!” Meaning that, experience God for yourself to find out who He is and if He’s real or not. And He’ll make you happy. 

P.S: You can get the book called “Bible” through the links below. There’s three version I recommend, get the version you’ll understand the best. When you get it, I suggest you read “Genesis” the very fist book in the bible. Read chapter 1-11 to find out about the creation of earth.

New International Bible

King James Bible

New American Standard Bible

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