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Are You tired of looking?


Are you tired of looking for that thing to fill your void? From the beginning of humanity until now, man has always been in search for that thing. From Conquerors, Explorers, Emperors and leaders searching to discover or to overtake the newest land. To inventors in search of the next big thing, to Scientists and Doctors in search of answers and the next life saving cure. To slaves in search of their freedom and identity, and to human beings searching to get rich anyway anyhow. Now, in the 21st century, we’re still searching to fill that void. We’re searching for equality between race, religion, sexual preferences and so much more.

Still, we can’t find that thing to fill our void. Some of us look for it in drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, work, education, religion, witchcraft, power, money, health, wealth, popularity and status. No matter how much of those things we have, we’re still not satisfied. We’re always looking, wanting and in need of more. Why is it difficult for a man with $1 million to live out the rest of his life full and satisfied? Why does he have to go search for another million and another? In a world full of people, places and things, then why is it so unsatisfying? Why are we so unsatisfied with ourselves and others? Is it the world that is so unsatisfying? Or are we just searching in all the wrong places, people and things?

Let’s look at the story of “Adam and Eve” briefly, you can find the story in the book called “Bible”, in the book of “Genesis” chapter 1-4. Adam and Eve literally had the earth with everything in it at their finger tips. They had control of everything (animals, plants, food) without having to work, suffer or break a sweat for it. But they were still unsatisfied which ended up costing them everything and the one person who can satisfy anyone, God. Unfortunately, today in the 21st century, a lot of us find ourselves in Adam and Eve’s situation. Yes, we have the education, dream career, great income, beautiful house, cars, food, husband, wife, children, family, health, wealth, popularity, and success but yet we’re still very unsatisfied.

Ladies and gentleman, let me be the one to tell you, the things on this earth can not satisfy you and will never satisfy you. You can have everything this earth has but if you do not have God, Jesus, Christ, Savior then you will never be truly happy and satisfied. That void will always be there, and you will always be in search of that thing. But fortunately for us, Jesus, God, Christ is still available. He’s still here, ready and waiting with open arms for all His children. And all of us are His children because He created us all. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, Jesus came for everyone and call everyone to Him, but sadly not all of us answer the call. Well, I’m inviting you today to come to Jesus exactly how you are. Come to Him and see how loving, great, powerful, and caring He is. Come to Him and He’ll give you a bring new identity, life, thoughts, and ideas. He’ll completely change your life for the best. Ladies and gentleman, let’s not waste another second, let’s accept the call of God, let’s serve and follow Him so we can be truly happy and satisfied.


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